About Us

“Done Med, departing 17 years ago with the motto “”Respect to Life ”, has been the solution partner of many national and international brands in the health sector and the hidden power behind them since 2002.

Done Med, which has achieved many firsts in the sector with its expert staff and creative projects, has continued its activities, with its on product and subject basis consulting, organization, communication, sales and marketing projects.

Done Med has carried its production and marketing activities to an upper dimension from 2016, and its products, that have been developed by itself, especially in reproductive health and cardiology, have taken their place in the health sector in 2018.

As it has been since its foundation, Done Med will continue to be the pioneer of the sector with its innovative projects and continue to work for a better life.”

Our Products

Done Med, continues to production and marketing activities in reproductive health and cardiology areas for the time being with its products named ASTALIFE, PRENATAL LIFE and EPA 4 LIFE.

Our Team

We work with collective mind not with hierarchical structure …

We work with our team who are experts and highly experienced in their fields with creative and a perspective that takes initiative.

We make our central plans with collective mind instead of the strict, uniform structure of the hierarchy. We trust to our individual and collective creativity. We adopt “WE” centered management system rather than “I”.

In line with a democratic company understanding, each member of the team has open communication and feedback based culture defending unique thoughts and ideas and a independent structure.

In this direction, when meeting with new team members, we always mind rather than numerical elements, quality that will add appropriate value to our culture.”